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Walmart adding 2,000 tech jobs in '18

By Serenah McKay
NWA Democrat Gazette

Walmart plans to add more than 2,000 tech jobs in 2018, a spokesman confirmed Friday.  That would be second only to Amazon in announced tech hiring plans so far this year.

Most of the full- and part-time jobs will be at Walmart Labs' locations in Bentonville, where the retailer is based; San Bruno and Sunnyvale, Calif; Reston, VA; and Bangalore, India.  The company will be hiring mainly data scientists, engineers, and project managers.

Walmart Labs, the retailer's tech division, currently employs about 6,000 "technologists" who develop innovations for use in Walmart stores and online.

Jeremy King, Walmart Lab's chief technology officer, recently told a technology news website that Walmart's effort to expand its online grocery business was the main driver behind the hiring plans. 

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